The Stereos

Long ago there was a post punk band called the Stereos, who became the New Suburbans, and this band splintered and new band formed from the pieces and parts called Smashing Atoms.  We were punks, and hippies, and we cared about the state of the world, and we were passionate, and we left a small mark, if only on our own consciousness.

Where were you in 1980?

  1. People Are Dying 3:10
  2. Bad Jets 3:15
  3. Black in America/Suburban Crawl 5:43
  4. Question of Authority 5:46
  5. Heard it on the Radio 4:15
  6. Lets Do It Again 5:09
  7. Reason For Treason 3:33
  8. Life in the USSR/Neutron Bomb 6:25
  9. Damaged Goods 3:49
  10. Eating Lotus 4:09
  11. Heart Full of Soul 2:06
  12. Feel a Whole Lot Better 2:21
  13. Little Sister/Hound Dog 4:29
  14. Secret Agent Man 2:35
  15. Swinging Diamond’s Song 1:22
  16. Time Avenger 5:14
  17. Tube Station 4:10
  18. For Your Love/Rock and Roll Nigger 6:36

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